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USDA Certified Organic Since 2018

    Classic Espresso

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    Exactly what you need - bold taste with thick crema and Arabica smoothness. Essential for an ideal espresso, cappuccino, or caffé latte.

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    Italy is the cradle of espresso culture, one of the world’s most satisfying coffee preparations. During their days living in Rome, founders Andrea & Colin spent plenty of time studying what makes the 'perfect' espresso. Our Espresso reflects exactly that - a beautifully balanced 100% Arabica coffee, excellent as a stand-alone shot or the base for your mid-morning cappuccino. 

    • Coffees selected for creaminess, power, and balance 
    • We roast our Espresso bean to a medium roast to maximize crema & balance taste. 
    • 100% USDA Certified Organic Arabica Coffee Single Farm, Single Origin 
    • Mountain grown in triple-canopy jungle shade above Lake Apanas, Nicaragua 
    • Whole Bean only (due to varying grind preferences for espresso-style coffee makers)

    Did you know? In Italy, the large 'BAR' sign might not mean what you think it means. While you can get enjoy a perfect afternoon Campari spritz or wine aperitivo at the Italian 'bar,' that iconic sign is actually calling you in for a coffee! Nothing more, nothing less. The best part of the Italian coffee experience is walking right up to the coffee 'bar', ordering your drink, and taking it all in while standing there. If you are used to sitting down with your coffee, that's fine...but it might cost you a little more. Yep, table service costs extra in Italy - usually about one euro more!

    Classic Espresso