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USDA Certified Organic Since 2018

    The power in your cup.

    If you don't think coffee purchase can make a difference, think again.

    Our origin roasted coffee makes a greater impact with your coffee dollar, for you & our coffee community. When you buy Twin Engine Coffee, 80 cents on the dollar stays in the coffee community, compared to about 20 cents for fair trade coffees roasted in the U.S.


    We are setting a new standard where coffee is truly 'local' and our community is global.


    Today's specialty coffee enables poverty to thrive. So, it's time for a new model that supports people + planet.

    We're leading by example to show that coffee can taste better and do more. A simple shift to the source means that you can buy better coffee that contributes maximum resources to stop poverty locally. The impact is 4X greater when coffee is 100% MADE in Nicaragua.

    We are the farmers, tasters, roasters, designers, packagers, and transporters, right at the source in the heart of Nicaragua. Instead of raw coffees being sent out to the world - along with most of the value - we make our coffees 100% at origin, from farm to roast to you.

    Numbers or People? Money is not a global 'fix' -- we know that deep in our bones after more than a decade of work in Nicaragua. 4X more is a quantifiable metric to let you know that we are working in a different way, everyday. The new resources that your coffee dollar creates at the source are critical for change.
    What is 'change' in coffee? Change looks like supporting the same farm families consistently for 10 years and counting, old growth trees full of birds, new trees being planted, mountain soils full of life, a coffee roaster filled with purity, team members growing with new skills & opportunities, a 'workhome' where they are respected and valued, children getting the childhood they need...and the list goes on.
    Four times more only happens when you are at the source.
    That's why we are here.

    Did you know?

    Along with delicious coffees, gorgeous views, and proud culture, Nicaragua has one of the highest poverty rates in the world and is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere". More than one-half of Nicaragua's annual coffee production is brewed in the United States and Canada.

    Exciting Economics: Nicaragua's GDP per capita was USD$2,090 in 2021 (World Bank/OECD data). If Twin Engine Coffee roasted & sold one-half of Nicaragua's coffees, that number could change to around USD$22,000. Boom!