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    Updating the Wordmark |design|

    Design Day! We have been working to improve, standardize and and clarify what we do through design. Over the next few weeks, we are going to share the process, the goals, and the final result of these efforts. Today we will start by introducing Wout de Jong from the firm Ernest & Arden who has been the main designer for these projects. More about him and our work together in a following post. But suffice it to say, he is a pleasure to work with, has extremely high standards and a style that we appreciate.

    We began working together when we wanted to standardize our logo (wordmark) because we were using different versions on different packages and online. While keeping the same feel and connection to Aviation, we did want some changes. Here are Wout's notes from the meeting:

    A 'new' logo for Twin Engine Coffee
    - Retro fit angle gives us more visibility on the packaging.
    - The handwritten logo is now 'handwritten. Custom made type to fit our brand.
    - Simplicity and high quality.

    Judge for yourself. You can see this now on our website, on the packages for Honey-Bear, Coffee Fruit Tea, and Elefante and soon on everything. Let us know if you find this interesting, have any questions or just love great coffee!

    Sincerely, Colin & Andrea