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    Cafe de Alta Calidad (Highest Quality Coffee) in El Nuevo Diario – Nicaragua’s Newspaper

    We were honored when we saw that the national newspaper in Nicaragua, El Nuevo Diario had written a profile of Twin Engine Coffee. What was really shocking was that the article appeared on the front page and continued to fill the entire second page of the paper. We were contacted by many people after the article came out. Some wanted to taste the coffee, some wanted to sell us coffee. It has been a very positive experience. Here are some of the things that were in the article.

    [To read the entire article (Spanish only) view the online version here:]

    Title: Coffee of High Quality for Nicaragua and the World
    “Nicaragua has one of the best climates for coffee in the world. Our idea was to come to Nicaragua and combine out passion for coffee with the best techniques and highest quality of coffee available in Nicaragua”. Empresario de Cafe, Colin Ganley

    This section discusses which coffees in Nicaragua make the cut and how we select the very best of Nicaraguan coffees. It also discusses how our years living in Italy made us particularly aware of the richness of coffee cultures and what makes the best coffees in the Italian styles.

    This section explores Colin’s history as a taster and critic and transitions into how that shapes our selections of coffees. It then describes, in limited detail, how we protect our coffees with technology in order to have the freshest coffees available.

    It explains our efforts and availability in the United States and Europe but emphasizes our statements that it is essential for us to make this coffee, the highest quality coffee from Nicaragua, available in Nicaragua.

    The article explains what “Specialty-Grade” coffee is according to the SCAA and tells readers that we only work with this highest quality of coffees, unlike other producers.
    It wraps up with a quote from Colin about our desire to use the best techniques and best coffee and put them to work here in Nicaragua.

    There are a number of images in the story. The largest is an infographic on page 2 of the printed paper which shows all of the Twin Engine coffees that are available in Nicaragua and their prices. There are also a couple images of Andrea and Colin.

    Thank you very much to Manuel Bejarano and Henry Padilla and El Nuevo Diario for writing about what our company is doing and why it is both important and producing such uniquely great coffee.