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USDA Certified Organic Since 2018

    The ESTATE Classic

    The ESTATE Classic
    The ESTATE Classic

    THE ESTATE is the first coffee that we created. Find the absolute best farms producing Nicaragua's Heritage Beans. That was our mission. Other companies offer similar coffee as their "reserve" and they charge over $30/lb. for it. For us, it is our classic, our homage to offering the best of Nicaragua. And we want this to be available to drink daily, offer your friends with pride or serve in your business. It starts at $13.99 /14oz.

    Kilogram quantity (35 oz.): Some folks like to buy larger quantities of their coffee. We've been supplying high end restaurants, cafes and hotels with "Kilo Bags" for years. Now, we want to know what you think. Amazon currently has the Estate (Medium roast)Espresso.and Cigar (Dark).  Whether you buy now or not, please let us know if you would like us to regularly offer these large quantities of our products.  You can email us at

    Colin and Andrea
    Twin Engine Coffee Founders