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USDA Certified Organic Since 2018

    Support Small Businesses

    Support Small Businesses

    Shopping at a small business makes a big difference.

    Saturday, November 25 is Small Business Saturday in the U.S.  We’d like to mark the occasion by sharing what YOU, our loyal customers, have made possible through your purchases of Twin Engine Coffee since our first sales in 2013. 

    From the beginning, our mission has been based on three values that are essential to how we do business.  We believe our personal commitment to living out these values in our daily work is what distinguishes our company and product from the other coffee choices you have in the marketplace. Your choice to purchase coffee from our small business is making a big difference to the people who grow and craft your coffee in Nicaragua. 
    We provide a live, direct connection between the coffee producers and coffee consumers, a connection that goes beyond fair trade.  By living and working here in Nicaragua, we develop long-standing relationships with the farmers and larger coffee community.  We are committed to developing the local coffee industry through these connections.  Your purchase of coffee that is roasted and packaged here in the community where it was grown and cured adds 400% more value to Nicaragua.   That’s why we consider our coffee to be beyond fair trade.  Farmers being paid more is just a start. We are employing and developing local professionals, and our work with local artists, suppliers, and retailers contributes to the overall economic development of the community and Nicaragua. 

    Being a small business that works with many other small businesses here in Nicaragua, there is a personal touch and attention to detail at every step of the process. This touch ensures the highest quality and integrity of our coffee which is impossible for large companies match.  Coffee trees are planted and carefully tended by small family farmers, hand-picked when perfectly ripe, sun-dried, hand-sorted and selected for top quality, small-batch roasted, and packaged by hand.   All of this happens here in Nicaragua; we can ensure the integrity of the product from the farm all the way to the package.  All of our highest quality, specialty-grade coffees are single-origin.  When you purchase any of our coffees, you know that both the product and the people who have expertly produced it are treated with integrity.  This is what ensures our quality in a way that is impossible for larger coffee companies. 

    Small businesses are an essential part of any thriving community. Have you experienced the charm of shopping at a variety of unique small businesses?  It feels much more personal and community-oriented than a trip to a strip mall.   Small businesses give their communities a vibrant atmosphere and individual character.  You can get a sense of the small business community we are a part of here in Leon in this video: .  We have longed to connect our community here to the people and places that drink Nicaragua’s coffee.  When you share a cup of Twin Engine Coffee with your family and friends, and savor the creamy taste with chocolate and citrus flavors that are unique to Nicaraguan highland coffee, you are personally and vitally connected to our community here in León.    We are proud to be a small business committed to offering Nicaragua’s world-class coffee to coffee lovers both here in Nicaragua and all over the world.