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    No Need For A Revolution – Stove Top Coffee Makers

    No Need For A Revolution – Stove Top Coffee Makers
    A company in the USA has developed a new design for a stove top coffee maker. Is that really necessary?

    The classic design, popular in Italy and Latin America, makes a very good substitute for the espresso made in machines costing thousands of dollars. It is so popular that nearly every household in Italy possesses more than one.

    What is important in one of these is the quality of machining. The 3 simple pieces need to fit together perfectly so that no air, water or coffee leaks out at the ‘waist’. If you have a well machined coffee maker of this style, you are in great shape.

    The manufacturer we use to make our Twin Engine Stove Top Espresso Maker produces metal items to a very high specification of craft. Frankly, it is a better quality than the more expensive models we have tested. That is why we can offer ours for such a competitive price.
    About the “new design

    This new model, incorporating ceramic, has been described as making a “long espresso” aka cafe lungo. In Italy, a cafe lungo, is a large, weak, espresso.

    Why would anyone want a machine that defaults to a lungo? By using more or less water and coffee grounds you can use our machine to make your coffee stronger or weaker.

    Even though we have not tested this new machine, this seems like one of those cases where there is no need to deviate from the classic. When something works as well as the classic stove top espresso maker, for millions of people, why change?