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    Maragogype Elephant Bean Catching On

    Maragogype Elephant Bean Catching On

    Elephant Reserve coffee. Twin Engine Coffee. Nicaragua’s coffee.

    When we released our first Reserve coffee in 2013, we selected it because of its exquisite creaminess and rich flavors of cocoa, earth, and easy sweetness. The coffee was produced by a plant variety called maragogype.

    Maragogype coffee grows on a larger than normal coffee plant and produces fewer beans than other varieties of Arabica coffee. Because of this, not many farmers want to grow this coffee. It costs more and is worth it. We love to drink it, especially in filter coffee or french press.

    Now, Nestle has followed our lead. They probably don’t know about us. But it is interesting that this year they have released a similar coffee with a similar name. They called it their “special reserve”.

    Our Elephant Reserve is nearly sold out. But we have bought more of this delicious bean and we will be continuing the line under the name Elefante. The name Elefante and the image of an elephant is in recognition of the Maragogype bean’s size. This is the largest known coffee bean when it is the pure Maragogype variety.

    The art for the Elefant Reserve was designed and created here in Leon, Nicaragua. We have modified the design, again here in Leon for the new Elefante line.

    Nestle’s price is 54.99 British Pounds on Amazon for about the same amount of coffee that we offer for about $16.99, which is just above ten dollars.

    We intend to continue to provide this limited coffee and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.