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    Elefante | Reserve vs. Black Edition

    Elefante | Reserve vs. Black Edition

    What is the difference between Elefante Reserve and Elefante | Black Edition?

    Last harvest, we submitted some of our Elefante Reserve coffee to the Cup of Excellence jury for blind tasting. It was selected as one of the winners of the Nicaraguan competition to go on to the international level.

    Back at our artisanal workshop, we roasted the coffee a few different ways and determined that the optimal way to drink this coffee is when it is roasted a little darker than medium, but not dark. This roast that we call Medium + gives the coffee a bold, rich taste while not roasting away the complexity it naturally has. The coffee has a big body and creamy texture that truly makes it one of the world’s great coffees.

    When we harvested the coffee, we selected a small amount of the beans to be sun-dried in a special way. We left them to dry in their own fruit. This is locally called “mieloso” or honey-drying. The fruit looks like honey when it sits in the sun for a couple days.

    That small batch of the Elefante Reserve doesn’t taste like the original. It is sweeter. And at our workshop, we decided to roast this coffee dark, quite a bit darker than the original. We wanted to do this to make a coffee that was bolder, a little more in your face but still with the characteristic creaminess and complexity of the original.

    Because this was an experimental lot, we only made a small amount. Thus the limited edition. It is a fun twist on this award-winning coffee and we hope that the few people who are able to try it, enjoy it.

    Maragogype family coffee is one of the world's rarest and most sought after coffees. That's what the Elefante is. To have a single farm "honey-dried" version of it is perhaps not available from any other company.

    We have more experimental coffees coming down the pike. The next will be a twist on the Honey-Bear.


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