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USDA Certified Organic Since 2018

    Brewing Conversation Podcast by Twin Engine Coffee

    Brewing Conversation Podcast by Twin Engine Coffee

    Living with the coffee plants, roasting the coffee, and doing everything else required to craft world-class (Specialty-Grade, Organic, Fair Trade) coffee and tea, brings forth a mountain of good stories.

    It is hard for us to find ways to share these stories. We don’t want to spam our mailing list and we don’t want it to flicker by on social media. So Brewing Conversation - a podcast is our outlet. It’s our opportunity to tell the stories that some people want to hear.

    Business - we’re going to share our experience of starting a brand from ideas.

    Organic - we’ll discuss the product and processes of crafting Organic coffee and tea & the issues around certification

    Social - interested in spending money with ethical companies? Or supporting companies that do good and help their community? We’ll discuss the ‘on the ground’ perspective

    Brands - What’s behind the creation of a brand, how is it defined? What does it take to establish its identity?

    Award-Winning - How to, and what it’s like to win awards for a product you’ve crafted

    Economics & Finance - Andrea and Colin are both Economists. How coffee & tea sit in the economies of Nicaragua, USA and other places will be on the table. How important is Finance in the world of coffee?

    And there is much, much, more.

    We have released the entire first season (Netflix style) on and Apple Music (iTunes) and Google Play for podcast downloads.


    So if you’re interested in everything or one specific topic, check it out. We hope you enjoy it and tell us if something inspires you to contact us.



    Andrea and Colin

    Founders of Twin Engine Coffee


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